Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OUAT nail art challenge: Inspired by your favorite episode

Time for final challenge. I can't believe how fast Once Upon A Time nail art challenge has gone by, it was very fun expiriance and I'm really glad I joined. The last challenge is inspired by your favorite episode. This was really hard to choose because there were so many great episodes but in the end I pick episode The Stranger ( s01e20 ) as my favorite. I already told you that August  was one of my favorite characters and this was the episode where we find out his story and connection with other characters.

In this episode one of major character is Blue Fairy and since she wasn't part of any nail art so far I decided to draw few blue roses inspired by her dress. Other important characters were Pinocchio and baby Emma    and I did two nails inspired by two of them. First is my middle finger where I draw Emma's blanket and my pinkie where I draw Pinocchio's bow. On all my nails I used the same base color Golden Rose number 330 and everything I did was with different sizes nail dotting tool.

I used: Golden Rose 330, Basic Beauty 66, Essence Don't Feed The Tiger ( golden ), Essence Andy You're A Star, Avon Jungle Green, Essence Ahoy, Catrice Lucky In Lilac and Essence Glitter Nail Hardener

Make sure you check out what other girls did for day 9:


  1. I love this manicure, great idea. And I know, how hard it was to choose favourite episode, I loved a whole season 1 very much.

    Btw, you can already send me your favourite/best manicure by your choise for voting for prize 1. Post and the poll will be up probably on Friday.

  2. This sounds like such a good series! Great nail art x


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