Saturday, February 2, 2013

OUAT nail art challenge: Storybrook / Enchanted forest

Today is the first day of Once Upon A Time nail art challenge!!! I'm sure this will be fun and interesting experience! First challenge is Storybrook / Enchanted forest. First time when I saw what the challenge is I thought I could try to recreate the photo from the challenge which is also the picture we see on the beginning of every episode. I also wanted something form Storybrook and it had to be the clock which is showing the time when everything started 8:15 ( the time is reference for Lost too, and that might be the reason why I like it so much! ). 

Only problem with this manicure is that it was so hard to photograph! I hope you can see what I wanted to accomplish. For the base color I used Essence Blue Ray, to get mystic and foggy effect I sponged Essence Midnight Date on the bottom and Jacob's Protection on top and bottom of my nails. For the trees I simply drew one or two stripes on each nail and then added few horizontal lines for the brunches. On my ring finger I applied Max Factor Whispering Ivory as base color and then I just added stripes to make it look like clock.

I used: Essence Blue Ray, Essence Jacob's Protection, Essence Midnight Date ( only the base ), Essence  Berlin Story and Max Factor Whispering Ivory

Hope you like my manicure, if you want to see what other girls did  you can check it out:
Mateja D
Milena Vanchoska
Baroque Fool
Samantha Ann


  1. This is great, I love it! I'm so glad, you joined challenge. Can't wait to soo, what you're going to do next. :)

  2. Beautiful mani - esp like the clock :D

  3. Oh! This is very cool! Nice and cute!

  4. Baš je cool :) Lijepo si sve ukomponirala!

  5. great i'm a big fan


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