Sunday, February 3, 2013

My nail polish stash: gold, silver, grey and black

Today I'm gonna show you my gold, silver, grey and black nail polishes. I know I said I'm gonna do all this much quicker but I always leave it for later...and it seams when I finish with my stash posts I will have to an update because my stash is constantly Anyway, let's start!

Maybelline Honey Crystals - very nice polish, micro and small golden glitter in golden base.
Sally Hansen Gilded Lily - I love this nail polish, it is very beautiful and it is perfect for holiday time. It may look like golden glitter but there is only shimmer inside and it looks really pretty. I believe that this one is dupe for OPI Goldeneye. In few days you will see swatches because I'm planning a mani with it.
Catrice Oh My Goldness! - Another shimmery gold polish, my boyfriend choose this one for tell you the truth I wouldn't pick up this one myself but I do like it. It is great for stamping and nail art.

Essence Stamp Me! Silver - classic silver, great for stamping!
Essence Rich & Pretty - this one looks a lot like Stamp Me! Silver but it is not exactly the same and I prefer this one. Both polishes are shimmery but Rich & Pretty also has subtle blue and gold shimmer ( maybe there are more colors but right now I see those two ;) )
Essence Rome - another silver, this one is little bit darker then previous two. I bought this one together with Romeo's twin Julia.
Golden Rose 348 - creamy grey nail polish, the color is light and looks very nice.
Catrice London's Weather Forecast - original version. This is one of most popular Catrice nail polishes and this is one of my first Catrice nail polishes. Definitely my favorite grey, creamy base with subtle shimmer. Beauty!
p2 Glory - creamy grey, when I applied it on my nails I was surprised how dark it is because it looks much lighter in the bottle. Nice color, but somehow I always skip it and wear some other color on my nails :)

Essence  Paradelade - from Crazy Good Times TE. This one and few next polishes are black base with different shimmer inside. Paradelade is black base with silver shimmer and silver flakies. Love it!
Essence Gold Old Buffy - from Vampire's Love TE. Black base with golden shimmer and flakies. I was excited about this nail polish when I bought it but I don't like it on my nails as much...
Essence Undead? - from Eclipse TE. Black base with pink shimmer. Beautiful nail polish and my favorite black.
Catrice I Wear My Sunglasses At Night - this is one of those nail polishes that look gorgeous in the bottle but when you apply it on your nails...nothing. This is black base with multi color shimmer, but unfortunately it is not visible on the nails.

Smart Girls Get More no.95 - is something like previous Catrice nail polish. Black with multi color shimmer, the problem with this one is that it is very sheer and you need at least 3-4 coats. 
Essence Grand-Pile In Black - from Ballerina Backstage TE. Black base with orange glitter. I love this one very much, I had it on my nails so many times. Unfortunately I will have to get rid of it very soon because it is very, very thick and it is almost impossible to work with. 
Catrice Back To Black - Black base with loads of silver micro shimmer, when you apply two coats shimmer is barely visible. This bottle is almost empty but I've used it so many times...for nail art, for stamping, alone...
Malena no.2 - This baby is classic black nail polish, I won this on in a giveaway / challenge and because of that I love it so, so much :D

And that's it!! I'm not gonna promise when will I show you ( I hope soon ), but next color is purple!
What do you think about my gold, silver, grey and black stash? Too much or too little? Do you like to wear color like this on your nails?


  1. Ovaj zlatni Catrice jer predivan :) Imaš lijepu kolekciju!

  2. onaj zlatni u sredini sally je prekrasan,nemam nista zlatnih i srebrenih lakova :(


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