Friday, February 22, 2013

My nail polish stash: purple

Avon Color Trend Heavenly - One of the nail polishes that I have the longest. The color is nice and soft, purple base with loads of purple and silver shimmer.
No name nail polish - I have this one for a very long time too. This is another light purple but this one has duochrome effect, it goes from purple to blue.
Avon Magical Mauve - light, shiny purple. I can't remember the last time I wore it...
Essence Bloom-A-Loom from Blossoms Etc. TE. One of my favorite nail polishes. Pastel purple with multi coloured shimmer.
S-he number 375 - I love this color, it is a pastel purple with loads of pink shimmer. Unfortunately it is very sheer so I don't wear it very much.

Essence Meet Me Now! - Very beautiful nail polish, I used it a lot lately. The color is creamy violet, I like to wear it alone but it is also great for nail art.
MUA Love U 24/7 - This is one of the products that I got as a gift with my MUA order. At first I thought that this is great because I don't have a color like this. If you look at the picture above you can see that that isn't true. I quickly remembered that I have almost 100% dupe in Catrice Lucky In Lilac
Catrice Lucky In Lilac - So, this is almost exactly the same thing like MUA Love U 24/7. Both are cream classic purples.
p2 Poetic - This one is little bit darker then previous two. They look really close when you look at the bottles but on the nails, Poetic is darker and colder color.
Essence Oh My Glitter! - This is one of my favorites purples. The color is definitely in the same category like MUA, Catrice and p2 but what makes it special is the pink and blue glitter.

Bourjois number 17 - this is one of those colors that is hard to put it the color category. To me it is closest to purple. Very pretty color, perfect for fall and winter!
Manhattan 65K - This colors is something in between of purple and magenta. Either way very pretty, great for cold days.
Julep Helena - this would be my favorite from all the polishes I'm showing you today. This purplicious magenta is really stunning and eye catching. Love it! Unfortunately this beauty is very difficult to photograph, to see the real color click.
Rimmel Purple Pulse - This is one of the polishes I got in a swap. Very pretty color, a bit sheer but looks great with three coats.
Essence Little Miss Bright - from Season Of Extremes TE. This color is really close to Rimmel Purple Pulse but only tiny bit darker, when you look at the bottles they look exactly the same. This one is also little bit sheer so you need three coats to get full opacity. 
Essence Dress To Party - This is one of few Essence Multi Dimension polishes that I still have. This color is very similar to the previous two but a little bit darker and this one is shimmery. Nice color but I never really liked it that much...

Rimmel Pompous - This nail polish is very popular, most girls like it but I'm not too crazy about it. I bought it long time ago because it looks gorgeous in the bottle but on the nails it is little bit different and I don't like it. It is that purple blue color...I can't remember last time I had it on my nails but now that I look at the bottle it looks so pretty and I think I will give it another try!
Essence Lil@c - from - this nail polish isn't actually holo it is duochrome, goes from purple to blue and grey. Very interesting color!
Manhattan 610W - Dark purple with loads of silver shimmer. Pretty!
Deborah Milano no. 839 - In the bottle it looks amazing, dark purple with loads of purple flakies...on the nails it isn't pretty at all. It's not shinny at all and it feels like you have something different on your nails.
Essence Alice Had A Vision - Again -from Breaking Down part 2 collection. Alice is a purple beauty with lots and lots of purple, blue and green flakies.

Essence Thelma - This is the darkest purple I own, very nice cream.
Essence True Love - from Vampire's Love TE. Another one that looks gorgeous in the bottle but a bit boring on the nails. Still it is beautiful color.
Color Club Glitter Wonderland - I bought this one recently and I'm in love with this color. Purple base with purple, pink, blue...glitter. Hopefully I will post my swatch of this and next color soon.
Color Club Gift Of Sparkle - I love this one as much as I love Glitter Wonderland. Beautiful purple with loads of holografic glitter. Perfect holiday and winter nail polish.

Misslyn Dragonfly - this nail polish is actually a top coat. It came out in Limited Edition Peacock and you are supposed to apply it over black. I tried that and hated it, I didn't tried it after that. It has duochrome effect.
Essence Love, Peace And Purple - from You Rock! TE - Dark, muddy purple with loads of purple shimmer. This polish was also very popular because this seams to be a dupe for Chanel Paradoxal. 
Catrice Purplelized - Metallic shimmery purple. Very nice!
Catrice Dirty Berry - This one is also one of my favorite purple nail polishes. It is very interesting...the color is dusty purple with holografic shimmer. It looks gorgeous in the sun!

This would finally be it. What is your favorite purple nail polish?


  1. Nice colelction. I also have quite a few purple shades, because some time ago it was my favourite color. I don't have favourite purple polish, but I love some of them very much, like Lucky in Lilac, Heavy Metallic, True Love ...

  2. A meni je bas divan ovaj Rimmel sto ti se ne svidja.. i Color Clubovi.. i Deborah :)

  3. Love purples. Especially that color club glitter

  4. Ovdje stvarno ima puno lijepih nijansi :))

  5. Sad sam sretna jer ima meni ravnih! :D isto imam mnogo ljubičastih (ne kao ti... još - ali blizu sam)
    i obožavam rimmel pompus, toliko mi je divan da ne želim nikakav nail art radit da ga ne upropastim :D

    1. Izgleda da jedino meni Pompus nije nešto iako ću ga opet isprobati jer mi je stvaro lijep u bočici, možda se predomislim.

  6. krasnoooooo... slaba sam na ljubičaste pa mi ih je ovako na hrpi puno vidit k'o da sam dobla sladoled *.*


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