Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Essence Miami Roller Girl: Miami P'ink eyeshadow and Four Wheel Drive nail polish

Few days ago my boyfriend surprised me with two Essence Miami Roller Girl products. He told me this: I know you will love the nail polish but I'm not sure for this other thing, at least colors match Of course he was wright about nail polish and even though I don't use pink eyeshadows ever he hit with this one too because I found a different purpose for it.

So, let's start with eyeshadow. The color is pink with loads of silver shimmer, this is the color I would never choose on my own but now I'm glad he choose it for me. When I first got it I wanted to at least try it because it is a gift and I decided to apply it on my cheeks. Bingo!! Looks really nice and refreshing and I'm wearing it almost every day since I got it. 
The package is usual Essence single eyeshadow packing, but the inside is very the palm threes! The amount of product is 2.5 g.

If you want to wear this product as a eyeshadow you will need more product because it is now very pigmented but as a blush on my skin works very well, it gives my skin nice and delicate glow and this shade of pink works with my skin tone. 
On picture bellow you can see how it looks transferred on my skin side by side. The picture is taken in shade, so in real life color is brighter.

Nail polish is called Four Wheel Drive and it is really pretty! The color is something in between of purple and pink, in my opinion it is more purple then pink even thought it is hard to say. Pigmentation is very good, I applied 2 coats but even with one coat you will get nice coverage. One thing I don't like about this nail polish is application because formula is little bit thick. The brush is wide, I call it "Catrice" brush which I'm finally starting to like. That is a good thing because it seams that these brushes will be with Essence for a while. 

Do you like Miami Roller Girl? Favorites?


  1. Nail polish and eyeshadow both look very pretty.I love the idea of using pink eyeshadow as a blush!

  2. svidja mi se lak, steta sto vjerojatno nece doci do mog dm-a :S

  3. These are both very pretty colors. How sweet of your boyfriend to pick them up for you!


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