Thursday, August 30, 2012

Essence Naughty And Pink! + Party Princess

Today I'm going to show you the rest of my new Color&Go polishes. First one is Naughty And Pink! The color is deep berry pink, looks very pretty! Application is easy, like I said in previous posts I began to like new Essence brush :D Both polishes come in new bottle that contains 8 ml.

Second nail polishes is Essence Party Princess. Party Princess is glitter topper, it has sheer pink base with pink, blue, orange...glitter. On picture above you can see how it looks with Naughty And Pink! ( on my ring finger and thumb ) and bellow you can see how it looks alone ( 2 coats ) and over black ( 1 coat ). My favorite is over black because you can really see that the glitter is colorful, over Naught And Pink! is nice too if you just want to spice up your mani little bit. 


  1. The glittery one really looks great on black.But both are beautiful :-)

  2. ovaj naughty and pink uopće nije tako kričav uživo. imam ga ja. čak uopće nije ni roz nego crvenkast kad ga nalakiram. katastrofa

  3. I actually love the new brushes too! I have Party Princess but now I want the other one too, this blog is dangerous!


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