Monday, August 6, 2012

China Glaze Summer Neons

First time I saw China Glaze Summer Neon preview I knew that this collection will be hard to resist. I narrowed my choice to five gorgeous nail polishes and even thought I had high expectation I'm very happy it it! All colors are beautiful, bright, shimmery and perfect choice for summer. I have them probably for a month and I'm wearing them all the time! If you want to see my swatches and little something about each nail polish continue reading!

Pink Plumeria is beautiful light coral pink but in the same time bright enough to get the attention! This color reminds me on bubble gum, looks very cute on nails and it is very summery! Lately I'm into lighter pinks so I'm loving Pink Plumeria very, very much. The collection is called Summer Neon but I wouldn't say this one is neon, I'm totally okay with that because it is one beautiful nail polish. 

Flirty Tankini is probably definition of perfect summer color. Flirty Tankini is coral with orange / pink base, looks very pretty. This one is neon so it is really bright and beautiful, just the way I like it!

Hang-Ten Toes is my favorite from Summer Neons that I have. This color is stunning! If you like pinks like me you definitely need this color in your collection  Looks gorgeous in the bottle and it is much better on my nails. The color is pink but it is blue based which makes it look absolutely perfect. Loooove it!!!

Sun-Kissed is neon yellow with golden shimmer, there is also some green in it which is more visible in the bottle. On the nails this is awesome yellow nail polish. Fun color, screams summer!!

I'm With The Lifeguard is bright, bright almost glow in the dark green. Crazy good! If you are a green lover you will love it, if your not a green lover you will love it too. It is just amazing summer color, it is neon green with golden shimmer.

Did you tried China Glaze Summer Neons? Which one is your favorite?
Do you like neon nail polishes?


  1. Neon polishes are sooooo awesome! :D

  2. ajme, i'm with a lifeguard je savršen *.*
    a ne bih odbila ni hang-ten toes... ma znaš, ne bih odbila nijednog od njih ;-D

  3. Love all of these colors are so amazing and beautiful!!

  4. Hang-Ten Toes and I'm With the Lifeguard are so pretty! This was such a nice summery collection, I love China Glaze x


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