Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Empty #29

Treacle Moon Those Lemonade Days + mini Sweet Blueberry Memories  shower gel - this time I have one regular ( 500 ml ) and two mini bottles ( 60 ml ) of Treacle Moon shower gel. As you know they are one of my favorite brads. Both scents are fruity, first one is lemon and it smells exactly like that - lemon. I'm not big fan of lemon scent but this one was okay, however I will not buy it again. On the other hand here I have Sweet Blueberry Memories and I adore this scent. Sweet and fruity. I still have one mini bottle but I will purchase full size in future.

Aveo Fruchtetraum shower gel - another fruity shower gel, this one is orange, peach, strawberry and raspberry. Nice summer scent and quality.

Aussie Repair Miracle conditioner - I rarely reach for anything else except Loreal conditioners but I really wanted to try this one. My hair is really dry and this helps it to look better and it makes it softer. Also has beautiful sweet scent. I plan to repurchase this product very soon. 

Avon Advance Techniques dry ends serum - this used to be one of my favorite products ever. I didn't used it for a long time and I had this bottle for a while. Since my ends were dry I started using it again. I don't know if the products has changed or my hair but I didn't see results. That was the reason I stopped using it in first place. When I apply it on my hair all I have are oily ends, my hair absorbs it but after that it is like I applied nothing.

Valentina Valentino perfume - Very beautiful perfume. I have a post about here click. Except the scent what I love about this perfume is that it was gift from my boyfriend, now husband for Valentine's Day long time ago ( Valentina, Valentino, Valentine's Day...You can see where he was going :) ) Lovely memories. 

Avon Naturals Tea Tree and Cucumber face cream - I love these Naturals face creams, a product I would definitely repurchase. I have a post about them here.

Balea  50's Forever cream - Universal cream in the cutest package, I used this for my hands and legs. It smells beautiful, soaks in quickly and it is moisturizing. Also, I love that it is so small so I keep it in my bag. I had this one in my hospital baby bag, it was very useful and it took no space! Click.

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