Thursday, August 4, 2016


It is time for another dancing post because today is my blog's 6th birthday! S I X !!It is unbelievable to me that this blog exists for 6 years. I don't post as much as before because of lack of time but I still have motivation and desire. If you wonder why, this is good time to tell you that today I have another important date, my son is exactly one month old. So with him and a two year old it will be a challenge but hopefully this blog continues to be my little escape world. I still write down if I have blog post idea, I always take pictures of my nails and I never open a product before taking a pic. So I still have it...just need to find the time. But with everything that has changed past six years I'm happy that there was never a point where I wanted to stop this blog. So hopefully I will have a post like this one in a year :)

In the end I'm not going to talk numbers but I just realized, this is my post numer 1001! How cool is that!


  1. Happy blogoversary Ana!! Congratulations on your baby boy!!

  2. And Happy birthday do your Blog as well. That just made me realise that my Blog is turning I think 9 years old soon :O.


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