Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Essence Superheroes Fantastic Girl nail polish and nail polish remover

Essence Superheroes is in stores right now and I can't say that I'm impressed with this trend edition but I was interested in two products so I picked them up. First one is thermo effect nail polish and the other one is nail polish remover, they share the same name Fantastic Girl.

Fantastic Girl nail polish got my attention when I first saw promo photos. I saw thermo effect nail polishes but I've never tried on so I was interested to see how it really works and I also needed one in my collection. First I applied 2 coats as usual ( first picture ) and I got exactly the same purple color like in the bottle, it was still little bit sheer so I added another coat. Everything looked the same. When nail polish dried I put my hand under the water and then it was easy to see the change. You could easily see hot / cold effect and I have to admit it was fun to play with it for a little while :) When my hand dried nail polish changed the color, now it was pink:

This is how it looked with water. You can see that each nail looks little bit different. Most of the time you have gradient effect or one nail is pink and another is purple. The color changes under the water and if your hands are hot or cold. 

Application of Fantastic Girl was okay, there were no problems with it but this nail polish is little bit thicker then usual and it dries little bit longer then most Essence nail polishes.

Fantastic Girl nail polish remover is jelly remover with glitter inside. This is something new from Essence and after using it for few times I can say that I'm not impressed with it. At the beginning it looks promising but I find that regular removers are so much easier to use. This one looks pretty and fun but it is nothing really special. I'm sure I will finish this bottle but if Essence makes it a regular product I doubt I will reach for it.

Did you tried anything from Essence Superheroes? 


  1. I think it's a cool idea with a jelly remover - and even cooler if it had actually been impressive. Now I know that I don't need to be disappointed for not being able to get it, thanks :)

  2. Ja sam uzela samo ovaj thermo,i to samo zbog te thermo formule,jer nemam jos niti jedan takav ,ostali mi nisu bas nesto :\

  3. nadam se da ću se uspjet dokopat ovog termo lakića :D


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