Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lush Sex Bomb and Comforter

Few months ago I bought few Lush products for the first time. Here I have bath bombs and bath bubble bar: Sex Bomb and Comforter. I was really curious about them and I'm glad that I tried them. Once you got the taste of Lush products it is so easy to fall in love with them. Main down side is the price but since I can't buy Lush products in person anywhere near me, getting them is a little treat. 

Even though I don't take bath very often because I always prefer quick shower I was curious and I really wanted to try these so when I actually decide to enjoy a bath these babies make it easy!

Sex Bomb is cute round pink and purple bath bomb that smells really nice, it has jasmine scent. To tell you the truth it is actually hard to tell that this is jasmine but it does smell really nice. This is how it looks when you drop it in the water:

It is melting pretty fast but there are no bubbles. Water turned pink,  the smell was beautiful and it didn't go away. For my bath I cut the bomb on two and used only one half. Only down side of the bath bomb is that it stained my tub. Purple part of the bomb left stains which went away easily but scrubbing the bath tub isn't what you want to do after you take a relaxing bath.

Comforter is my favorite between two bombs. It got my attention immediately. I love how it looks and I adore the smell. It smells like candy and it makes loads of bubbles. Water turns pink and silky, and the smell that I already mentioned is awesome because it is strong and it doesn't go away. Also, another great thing is that Comforter doesn't leave stains. 

Comforter is pretty big so you can get few usages from it. For the first time I cut in on two but I think that you could cut  four pieces and the result would be as good. That is what I will do with the half that I still have. 

Now let's look how it works...

...beautiful pink water...

...and bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

In the end bubble bars and bath bombs are not things I need to have but like I said they are a nice treat. I'm not sure am I going to buy more of them but I definitely don't regret that I got these.

What do you think about Lush products? Do you have a favorite?


  1. jako patim jer je lush otisao iz srbije :( zelim ceo lush u svom kupatilu!!!

  2. I want to try Lush!! If only it was available in Greece!


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