Sunday, June 14, 2015

Catrice liquid foundation: All Matt Plus, Nude Illusion and Velvet Finish

Catrice is one of my favorite brands when it comes to liquid foundations. Revlon Colorstay remains my all time favorite but I'm in constant search for good liquid foundation for everyday use. Catrice is often my first pick because it is affordable and great quality. At the moment I have few foundations from Catrice and this is good time to share my thoughts with you. I bought Nude Illusion and Velvet Finish because I loved All Matt Plus and I wanted to check out these as well. I was confident enough that even if I think they are not perfect they will be at least good. 
( My skin is dry / normal. )

I'm going to start with All Matt Plus. All Matt Plus is new version of old favorite Infinite Matt. I was so happy when I saw that Catrice is coming out with this one because it is truly great product, worth trying. All Matt Plus has nice coverage, matte finish and it applies and blends easily. My favorite way to apply it is with foundation brush. I'm also very satisfy with durability, because it lasts whole day on my face. I have All Matt Plus in Nude Beige and after I use up this bottle I will buy lighter shade because I think it will be better for my skin tone. I bought this one without trying, because I used shade 2 when I was using Infinite Matt but it is little bit darker then my skin especially comparing with my neck. Good thing is that it will be very useful this summer when I need one shade darker foundation then usual.

Nude Illusion is one of new Catrice foundations and as soon as I saw it I knew this is something I want to try. This time I went for the lighter shade Nude Ivory and it is a good choice for me. Nude Illusion has soft-focus effect but if you don't have major skin problems the coverage is pretty good. For me it is good enough, only area I need some help is under my eyes. Nude Illusion lasts whole day on my face, it applies and blends easily. I get the best result when I apply it with foundation brush. The finish of Nude Illusion is supposed to be natural but on my face it looks pretty dusty and sometimes it looks a bit heavy. I don't know why is that, I will probably use up this bottle but after that I will not buy this product again.

The last one, Velvet Finish is my favorite, Since I tried it it is my first pick. I bought the lighter color, Light Velvet and it suits me perfectly. Good coverage, most of the time it is only thing on my face. On good days I don't even use concealer. It is easy to apply and I prefer to apply it with my fingers, that way it looks best. The finish is matte and it looks natural on my face. The only problem with Velvet Finish is that it isn't available everywhere. So after I use up this bottle I hope I will find it somewhere, because I only saw it in Germany.

Package of Catrice foundation is glass but there is no fear it will broke. Each bottle has a pump which makes it easy to dose, one pump is enough to cover my face. If I want to build it up I add little bit more. Overall Catrice foundations are great products. Great quality for affordable price. 
Did you tried Catrice foundations? Which one is your favorite?

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