Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer fashion trends for 2015

First day of summer is just around the corner but here in Croatia we already have summer weather and that makes me really happy. My favorite part of the year. Reasons why I love summer so much are pretty obvious ( I like to think so ). Fist of all it is warm, I can spend a lot of time outside and it is usual time for me to go on vacation. There is also fashion. I do love coats, boots and sweaters but there is nothing like denim shorts or summer dress. Those two are my favorite clothing items. I hope this summer will be hot and there will be plenty of time to wear everyday romantic dresses. Romantic, hippie, army retro are among others trends for summer 2015. I always like to look at what is new,go around my favorite websites and stores and adjust trends the way I like them.
This summer there is a lot of white, especially in combination with lace and bare skin which I love. Also, black and white. When it comes to actual colors there is mostly khaki and navy.  As for the clothing items beside the dress, there are jumpsuits, suits, one shoulder and kimono. I've seen a lot of fringes and black fringes bag is something I want for so long :)

One of biggest trends for this summer is denim. Denim made come back few years ago and it looks like it will stay with us for a while. Shirts, shorts, dresses or skirts. Together or alone. I prefer combine denim with some other color and material and I already have a shirt in my closet. Also, one of my favorite new items is denim dress with lace detail. I love it because it is casual but with right accessories it can be transformed into party outfit.

Another big trend for the summer 2015 are graphics. Gingham pattern is definitely everywhere as well as other graphics designs. Some are simple as polka dots and stripes and somewhere you can see interesting floral patterns.

With everything said we all now that is most important to find something you feel good about and something that suits you. I will definitely be in look out for dresses because I have two weddings to go to. I'm hoping for something colorful and elegant. I think that it is also important to be event appropriate but true to yourself. So it doesn't matter if it is everyday clothing, for wedding, quinceanera or prom, if blue quinceanera dresses ( plenty on Sweetquinceaneradress ) is what you want you should go for it.

What is your favorite summer clothing item? Do you like trends?

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