Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TV show report: Sons Of Anarchy, Homeland and House Of Cards

Sons Of Anarchy

I will start my report with Sons Of Anarchy. With 13th episode of season 6 Sons Of Anarchy ended. I started watching when four seasons were already out. I heard about it few times and it was different then all other shows that I watch so I was curious about it. When I started watching it I wasn't too crazy about it. It was a bit brutal for my taste and it was hard to relate or like any character at the beginning. But something kept me watching and with each episode I was more into it. Each season  was a bit boring at the beginning but after 3 or 4 episodes I was hooked. With time I got to like characters and I was curious about what will happen to them. 
Last season was in my opinion the worst so far. I have a feeling that majority of season they were only waking around and shooting. Last 3-4 episodes were great but most of the season the story was dragging out. I'm glad that the story line that we had at the beginning of the show about future of club's business was on going the whole show. Finally I like how everything ended because this is not classic show so it shouldn't have classic happy end. Writers of SOA were not afraid to hurt or brutally kill their characters. Even though I'm not biggest fan of Sons Of Anarchy I can see why people love it so much. It will definitely be remembered. I will remember it the most because of amazing soundtrack and because of biggest TV bitch, one and only Gemma Teller Morrow.


I started watching Homeland with my husband last year. It was mostly because this is his kind of show and we wanted to watch something together. We both loved it. Homeland is drama show about CIA agents so here we have fighting with terrorism, spies and questionable war heroes. Homeland is really good show and it is hard to stop watching it once you start. So far we were able to see 4 seasons which were interesting and unexpected so I can't wait to see next season. Cast of Homeland is great, especially Claire Danes who plays main role. 

House Of Cards

Another show that I want to write about fits perfectly in this post, House Of Cards. I just started watching this show few days ago. So far I've seen 4 episodes and this is definitely something I will continue watching. The show is political drama placed in White House. Money, power, manipulation, dirt behind the scenes and most important Kevin Spacey in main role. He is major asset to this show and if you like him you will like the show as well. Right now 3 seasons are out.

That's it for now, soon there will be more TV show talk :)
Did you watch any of these shows?


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