Saturday, March 28, 2015

Empty #19

L'Oreal Elvital Color Glanz conditioner - once again in my empties :)

I Love...Mango & Papaya shower cream - big 500 ml bottle is gone :) Really nice product, nice smell but I doubt I will repurchase it. Too many great shower gels, creams and soaps to come back to it.

Balea Mango Mumbo shower gel - another mango scented shower gel in this post. This is classic Balea, nice smell and pretty package. This was limited edition and I'm looking forward to new LE from Balea.

Balea strawberry shower gel and liquid soap - It is interesting that I have two products from the same line and one smells gorgeous - the shower gel and I don't like the other one - the soap. I have no idea but something is different and soap is not my thing while I love sweet, candy smell of shower gel.

L'Oreal Elvital Color Glanz shampoo - here again :)

Avon Anew BB cream - To find out more about it click here. Really nice product, I'm not sure if I would buy it again, I probably would.

H&M White nail polish - Perfect white for nail art but it doesn't have perfect coverage to wear it alone. However, I used it for nail art and it was great.

Essence Ahoy nail polish - I had this one for years and it was part of so many manicures, it was also great alone.

Revlon Color Stay 150 Buff - my favorite liquid foundation! Pure perfection!

Givenchy Organza - my favorite fragrance ever, I'm so sad that is gone and I hope I will own another bottle soon. Most beautiful perfume ever!!


  1. Bravo za 2 laka, ne viđam ih često u emptiesima :D Joj i parfem si potrošila, ja da to uspijem fiestu bi radila ahahha :D

    1. I to dva bijela :)
      Uf, za taj parfem mi je jako žao ali imam ga već jaaako dugo :)

  2. I love that foundation, I haven't bought it in ages!

  3. Revlon colorstay is my favorite foundation as well, I must repurchase it! Oh you're so right, too many shower gels, lotions and potions to come back to a specific product! We want to try everything hahaha! x

  4. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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