Monday, March 23, 2015

New in - February and March 2015

I will start this New in post with my last buy. Everything you see on photo above I bought while I was in Germany. Considering that I was there only four days and that I didn't do proper shopping this is great catch. Here I have: Treacle Moon Lovely Mint Story, Ebelin nail polish remover, Catrice Velvet Finish, Catrice Nude Illusion, Bale Cabana Dream body lotion, Balea Tropical Sunshine body lotion, Balea cream, Essence So This Is Love blush ( click ), p2 Lovely Trust and Love Happens lipsticks, Essence I Heart Extreme mascara and Essence I Heart Stage eyeshadow base.
Please notice that there are no nail polish!! It really seems that my lack of space and storage for nail polish is taking a toll on me so I didn't even bought p2 nail polish which I always do. Mostly I bought products that I already know, there was no time for looking and exploring...I didn't even get to go in Lush and The Body Shop. 

Beside products I bought in Germany I didn't bought a lot. Only a Schwarzkopf Got2Be hairspray and two Balea creams in cutest tins ever. These creams are for your face or your body, I will probably use them on my face. Main reason why I bought them is the beautiful packing, if you look again on first photo you can see another Balea cream. I found that one in Germany and if Balea comes out with more of these I believe that I will buy every single one of them. After I use them for a while you can expect a blog post. 

Last photo is actually my first buy in February. Here is my new perfume Beckham Intimately. Very nice scent, I already had Beckham Intimately Yours and still can't decide which one I prefer. I will post more about it very soon! 
For the end of this post I have two nail polishes: Essence Icy Fairy and Essence Lady Mermaid. I absolutely love both of them and I already posted my swatches so if you want to know more click here and here.
Did you tried any of these products?


  1. I have that mascara from Essence and it's great !

  2. Nadam se da ce i kod nas uskoro doci te nove Balea LE kremice- kupila bih ih pa makar samo zbog preslatkih pakovanja, ali ok su i za mazanje ruku. :-)

    1. Tako je :) To sam i ja prvo pomislila, ako ništa drugo dobre su za ruke.

  3. Balea kremice deluju bas zanimljivo, ambalaza je preslatka. :)

  4. great post ! <3
    would you like follow each other ?

  5. Great post!
    Would you like to follow each other ? let me know and I'll follow back!
    have a good weekend!


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