Sunday, April 8, 2012

China Glaze Electrify

I think that I'm addicted to China Glaze glitters, you just have to love them. Today I'm gonna show you Electrify from Capitol Colors collection. I had second thoughts about this nail polish. First time I saw it I was thinking that I will have to get it but when swatches started to appear all over internet I wasn't that into it anymore. In the end I decided to get it because I knew that I'm gonna do that sooner or sooner is definitely better :) When Electrify first came to me in mail, I wasn't very happy about it. Golden glitter looked too yellow to me and I thought that maybe I was wrong about it...Then I applied it to my nails...and I absolutely love it!! Gold and red work together so well, it looks stunning and really reminds me on fire! When I was looking at the bottle it seam to me that majority of glitter is golden but when I applied it on my nails I could see that it is pretty much equal number of red and golden glitter. Golden glitter is micro while red is just a little bit larger.
I applied 3 coats. I didn't get full opacity, but I didn't mind because you can totally get away with it. At first I was afraid that this is going to be only a top coat but you can wear it alone because only when you look at it from small distance you can see that it is little bit sheer. From normal distance it looks opaque. On my pictures you can't even see it. If you look really close and you see darker spots between gold and reed, that is actually the sheer part. As you can see it is not to bad at all :)

Electrify is from Capitol Colors collection which is inspired with The Hunger Games. This explicit nail polish is inspired with Katniss and Peeta's costumes.


  1. I also love China Glaze's glitters, and this one is beautiful! I won't buy it myself though, since I'm not into golden colours, but I can easily see that it looks great on others. :)

  2. The red and gold does look stunning together! :D

    ~ Yun

  3. I really need to try my bottle of this--like you, I wasn't sure about it for a while but decided I needed it. :)


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