Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sinful Colors Hazard and Boom Boom

Today I want to show you two Sinful Colors nail polishes. I've tried all my Sinful Colors polishes and I can honestly say that I'm in love with them. Colors are so pretty and they last around four days on my nails, for me that is a lot because usually my nails chip after a day or two. Two nail polishes in this post are Hazard and Boom Boom. Both beautiful spring / summer colors.

Hazard is beautiful orange, unique in my collection. The color is bright but it some weird way it looks little bit pastel too lol...really pretty, one of my favorite nail polishes right now.

Next nail polish is Boom Boom. Bright pink, perfect for sunny days. Just like Hazard Boom Boom is creamy nail polish too. Here is how it looks on my nails...

Application for both polishes was easy and I applied 2 coats. Only flaw for Sinful Colors nail polishes is that it takes some time to be completely dry but with colors this beautiful I don't even care.


  1. Sinful colors is one of my favorite brands!!

  2. Kako su lijepi, jarki i veseli!

  3. Ovaj narandzasti je divan. :] Dupe. :D

    1. Imam i Rimmel, nisu isti Rimel je više koraljni dok je SC više mlječni...ali oba su predivna!


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