Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Preview: Essence Show Your Feet TE Barefoot Beauties

Guess what...there is another Essence Trend Edition!! The collection is coming in May-June 2012 and it is called Barefoot Beauties. Barefoot Beauties TE will help us get ready for summer. All the products are intended for toes. There will be nail polishes, ankle bracelets, gel shoes pads, toe  protection gel stripes and super soft toe separator.
I can't wait to see these nail polishes, especially the blue one!

Nail polishes: Purple Party, Green Lagoon, Underwater Love, Coral Me Beautiful, Kiss Of the Mermaid

Ankle bracelets

 Gel shoe pads

Toe protection gel stripes

Super-soft toe separator


  1. Omg, all these are lovely. Make me want to try them all :))

  2. već sad vidim da ti lakovi neće završiti samo na nogama! :)))

  3. essence će me totalno izludit :-p
    krasni su mi lakovi *.*

  4. I did a review of this amazing collection on my blog! Would love you to tell me what you think?


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