Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Good Wife - the end (spoiler )

When last TV show season finished I didn't do my usual TV show recap but there is one show that deserves a post. The Good Wife is finished after seven seasons. For years The Good Wife was one of the best drama shows, I started watching it at the beginning of the year. I thought it will take me a lot of time to go trough every episode but it took me only few months because I couldn't get enough of it. Faster then I ever thought it was possible I have seen every episode of The Good Wife. I started in January and finished 7th season last month. Right from the start I developed little obsession and I was watching The Good Wife every free moment I had. I even posted about it here. Now when the show is over and I look back I like it even more. It is true that they went down in quality but for a show with 7 seasons that is the reality.

In my opinion first three seasons were the best and after that we could see drop of quality  but we are still talking about great show. The biggest asset to this show were great characters. Beside Alicia who was in the center all other characters were great. I simply can't name only one. Kalinda, Eli, Diane? They were not just great characters but they were portrait by amazing cast, in fact The Good Wife cast assemble was very good.

Now let's talk about Alicia, this was after all her journey. She truly made a full circle and I like how they recreated first scene in the end of her standing behind her husband but this time as a different person. Also that legendary slap. The one in the beginning and especially the one in the end. From Alicia being scared and reserved we saw transformation to a person who took charge and didn't look at others and what they think. Everything that happened to her changed her but she definitely stayed the good wife until the end.

Crucial moment when this show started to change was when Will died. He was not my favorite character but he was big part of the show and it was different without him. Also without Kalinda, she was just awesome and nobody could replace her. When I was watching The Good Wife I didn't read about it a lot but I came across some articles about Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi fight in private life that reflected on the show because they didn't want to work together anymore. That was such a shame because their scenes together were the best.

Last season was not all bad but it was the worst compared to rest six seasons for sure. It was clear that they are trying to wrap things up, atmosphere was different and unusual. One day everybody works apart and the next day they are all together. At one point it looked like everybody is going on their own just to come back together later. The end of the show was good. Not the best because things were left a little bit undefined but on the other hand we got the hint in witch way everybody is going. All in all one of the best shows I've seen, this is among my top shows for sure.

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