Thursday, September 29, 2016

Essence We Are Young lipstick

One of latest Essence trend editions is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I picked up one lipstick We Are Young. Surprisingly I didn't choose bright colors, I choose something little bit subtle. I have enough bright lipsticks in my stash, now I wanted everyday, casual color. We Are Young is exactly that.  This is meat pink lipstick and works perfectly for me last few weeks. 

Package is very girly and it is easy to store it. Application is easy, however I have a feeling that this lipstick could show any imperfections on your lips. For now it is all good because my lips are nice and smooth but I'm not sure how would it look on dry lips. If I apply We Are Young and there is just a little bit extra skin on my lips it  would show it. So, that could be a down side of this product but for now everything is good. Hopefully I will not change my mind during winter.

On pic above you can see my swatch. Very pretty, everyday pink. One of my favorites these days.

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