Monday, May 2, 2016

New in: January, February, March and April 2016

After four months I will start my new New in post with Balea. As always I bought few products. I picked up latest mini creams just because they are so cute ( and I posted about them here ), also I bought two liquid soaps ( both in empties right now ) and two shower gels. I have to say that I finally cleaned my shower gel stash pretty good so now I don't have to feel guilty when I buy new. My stash is still probably bigger then it should be but at least it is not enormous like before. 

On photo bellow you can see my favorite Ebelin cotton pads, Biobaza Mama body lotion and three Dove deodorants. I got Biobaza body lotion as a gift in DM' baby bonus program where you just let them know that you are pregnant, fill the form and you receive few gifts and discounts for certain products. I'm using this lotion right now and I really like it. This is my first ever Biobaza body lotion and I will check out the rest of their range for sure. 
Dove deodorants are my favorite and last few days I bought a bunch because I found great deal. First I bought Dove Beauty Finish because I need it for my hospital baby bag, it doesn't take a lot of space and it was 50% off because it will be discontinued so I didn't want to miss the deal. Few days after I found 1+1 deal so I took two of my favorite Dove Original.

I know I said that I don't have restrictions on shower gels anymore but two Treacle Moon shower creams were a gift :) They are That Vanilla Moment and Pretty Rose Hearts. I also have Invisible Power hair bend.

Here is a closer look on Invisible Power hair bends. These kind of hair bends are very popular lately because they are supposed to hold your ponytail strong without being too tight which is less damaging for your hair. That part is true but I can't say I like to wear them because for some reason it is painful to take it off. My hair is always stuck in it so I avoid it most of the time. 

At least here are few new makeup products. Catrice Stone Blushed ( click ), Essence Pretty Little Thing ( click ) , Essence Miss Captain ( click ) and brush from Lights Of Orient trend edition.

What products did you buy lately?

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  1. Great products indeed. So curious on those Balea products for you really have stocks of it. Hope to hear more about it.


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