Friday, March 4, 2016

Random #13

I am so tired of winter...give me spring, sun and colors! I always love when the spring comes and everything lives up a little. There is so much more activity and and everything looks brighter and prettier. I have a feeling this winter and lousy weather is here too long.

Lately I've been trying to be more active on my blog, I did make a small progress and I hope I will be able to continue it. I don't even paint my nails regularly anymore and that can tell you something. Between work and family life  there is not much time left. My daughter is now 1,5 year old and we are finally sleeping whole night which doesn't stop us in waking up early every single day. Even when we could sleep in...5:30 is always a great time for my girl. But we are used until now. It will be interesting to see how will things go when she is joined with baby brother. All I can say now is that we are happy and looking forward to having a bigger family. 

Like I said I don't have much time but believe me when I say that I know every single kids song, Croatian and English. There is also every episode of Masha And The Bear. But at least we are not watching Frozen five times a day anymore. However I will admit that I enjoy watching Tangled. Hopefully there will be more sunny days so we can spend more time outside :) That is what we enjoy the most.

When I am able to watch what I want I watch The Good Wife. I am completely addicted to it :) Also, most of my regular, week to week shows are back so I watch them as well which is great. Thank God I still have my shows, they are my therapy these days. Very soon he will be back as well...

In the end here is one of the best beauty videos I saw and only Lisa :)

What have you been up to these days? 

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