Friday, March 11, 2016

Balea mini face creams

When they came along Balea mini face creams were a must have. Very affordable product in such beautiful package. They became popular very soon and most girls wanted to have them.

Beautiful outside is always a plus but what about the product inside the tin? Is it worth it? In my opinion definitely yes and not only because I'm a sucker for pretty things. You can use these creams for whatever you want. Face, body, hands...anybody can find a use and perfect excuse to collect them all. Most of the time I use mine for my face. It is not a miracle maker but if you don't have problematic skin it is good. My skin is dry / normal, I don't have any major issues with my skin only thing that is important is that it hydrates my skin and that I don't break out. Balea is good in that department and I can say that I like these creams. Also, multiple use can be handy especially when it comes in  small package because it is great for your bag or for traveling. And if you decide that you don't want to use them for your face you can use them for hands.

The amount of product you get is 30 ml. The texture of the creams is nice and it soaks into skin quickly.You can smell the scent but it is not overpowering.

For now there were six different scents available. First two were My Golden Twenties ( rose and lavender ) and 50's forever ( cherry ). After them there was Sail Away ( raspberry ), then there was the one with floral scent  and last two ware Best Wishes with scents of violet and orange. I believe that every except first two creams are still available in Dm.

Did you tried Balea mini face creams? Do you like them? Would you buy a product only because it has cute package?

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