Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Empty #23

Olea Orchid & Cashmere liquid soap - random, emergency buy... I will stick to my usual Balea and Aveo soaps :)

Balea deo - body spray - As much as I love Balea products I can't say that I like their deos. I did tried few good ones but this one isn't among them. It looks nice but that's about it. I need to go back to Dove asap.

Schwarzkopf Got2Be Rockin' It dry shampoo - great product. After I use it my hair looks much better and it even gives it little bit of volume. I didn't see it in drugstores for a while but if I find it I will definitely buy it again.

Avon Planet Spa Japanese sake and rise body lotion - Nice smell, moisturizing, shimmery and practical package. Something I would buy again.

Catrice All Matt liquid foundation - click here :)

Figs & Rouge Vanilla & Pistachio lip butter - one of the best lip butter / balms I tried. It is nurturing, it doesn't dry out my lips and it doesn't have that sweet scent most balm have...which is great for a change. This was my only Figs & Rouge product but I hope I will try more.

Aveo liquid soap - love them and I use them regularly.

Essence Translucent powder - from Mountain Calling trend edition. This is really good product. On the budget but it is doing good work. I usually use it to set my foundation or my primer and it makes my makeup last longer. I will definitely repurchase it. ( Essence has the same product with different name in their regular range. )

Balea Sail Away cream - The package is irresistible and the cream inside is good. Great thing about it is that it can be used for your face, body or your hands. So it is completely easy to justify if you buy it, I have other packages as well and if Balea continues with these little creams I will probably buy every single one :) I used this one mostly for my face or my hands.


  1. I can't resist those retro Balea packaging either! I always buy those creams.

  2. I have the same Balea cream, I love the retro tin!

  3. I love Essence translucent powder, it's very good. :)


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