Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Five favorite fall lipsticks

Most of the time I call myself a pink girl. When it comes to lipsticks, lip gloss or nail polishes pink is usually my go to color and the color I have the most in my stash. During fall ( and winter ) I change it a little bit. Not that I don't use pink anymore but I often reach for other colors as well. Today let's talk about lipsticks. I looked forward to this fall because it is my favorite time of year to use purplicious shades. They are my favorite at this time of year. Except purple I like to wear red.

Here I have my five favorites. First I have two red shades. Oriflame Daring Red is my favorite red lipstick, the one I love to use when I dress up. It is a classic and always looks elegant. Next one is p2 Love Happens. This one is from Sheer Glam line and it is perfect for everyday looks. It is not too bold but it can make a statement. After reds here are my usual picks lately, purplicious lipsticks.  First one is L'oreal Glamor Fuchsia. Now this is another statement lipstick. When you have it on your lips you can't go unnoticed. You can do your makeup quickly and with Glamor Fuchsia on your lips it will look like you spend hours in front of a mirror. Next one is Golden Rose 113. This one can go as pink lipstick but it beautiful, unusual pink. I like to use it when I'm in pink mood and I want to wear bright lipstick Still, there is that hit of purple which makes me love it so much. Last one is Essence Wear Berries! which is really nice darker everyday color but it looks very good on evening makeup looks as well.

Oriflame Daring Red, p2 Love Happens, L'oreal Glamor Fuchsia, Golden Rose 113 and Essence Wear Berries!

In the end if I have to choose only one from my five favorites that would be L'oreal Glamor Fuchsia. J'adore it!

What is your favorite fall lipstick?


  1. Yeah! L'oreal Glamor Fuchsia is a beauty. Love the color and pigmentation. It has rich color and formula. Its something worth checking out.

  2. Ja u jesen idem prema crvenima i tamnima tako da je meni ovaj tvoj izbor i dalje vrlo proljetan i dosta pink :D
    Loreal mi je najljepsi od ovih 5

    1. Haha :) A meni je ovo kao nešto drugačije, izgleda da ne mogu protiv sebe ;)


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