Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vacation 2015: Trogir

This year's vacation in Trogir was different then any other vacation I had. This was first time my husband and I are on vacation with our daughter. We had the best time! It was short but we enjoyed it. As always I took many pictures and now I want to share some with you :)

There are few choices if you want to go to the beach in Trogir. Oooh...how much I love lying on the beach and swimming....a lying again!!!

Trogir is also great place for a walk...

...food is always amazing!

Now let's go to Split...so beautiful!

What is in my beauty bag?? When you travel with 1 year old...you can bring only minimum...

Back in Trogir!

On our way home...

Hopefully there will be a chance to go back there!!


  1. Amazing pictures kiss


  2. trogir je zbilja krasan :D
    jel' ti ovo prvi put da si bila tu?

    1. Da, prvi put i stvarno je predivno :)
      Nadam se da se vraćam!


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