Saturday, August 29, 2015

Essence brushes: Eyeshadow blender brush and precise eyeshadow brush

Essence recently had Trend Edition with makeup brushes only. I still remember the one they had last year when I was stalking my local drugstores. I was hoping I will put my hands on this one too. Unfortunately for me when I first saw Make Me Pretty display it was almost empty... I only found two brushes and bought them. I got eyeshadow blender brush and precise eyeshadow brush.

These two brushes as well as entire limited edition Make Me Pretty have pretty package with cute messages. Brushes also look cute, two that I have are with polka dots and they look very pretty!

So far I tried them few times and they are something I will use often. Eyeshadow blender brush is dense and it has short bristles but it is pretty good for applying eyeshadow. I usually apply eyeshadow on my lids with it or use it if I want to make some finish touches. It is small and it is easy to work with it. Precise eyeshadow brush is new in my collection so I'm glad I got it. I use it for my crease and it is great. It is dense and pointy which makes it great for your crease and it makes everything easier when you need to apply eyeshadow under your eyes.

I wish I found more brushes because I'm sure I would buy more. I hope Essence will have more TE like this one in future because I really like their brushes!
Did you tried Make Me Pretty LE? Do you like Essence brushes?

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  1. Moj je zaenkrat samo tale pinki..joj kakih živih barv so:) v mojem dm-u je blo že vse pobrano in res upam,d a bo to kot del redne prodaje:)


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