Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Christmas movies + songs

Here is three more Christmas movies that I like to watch, each one is great with amazing and well known actorss. So if you are thinking what to watch in thes Holiday season you may like some of theese movies!

This is one of my favorite movies in general!! I love, love, love it!!!!!!!!! If for some reason you did't whatch it you deffinetly should!!! You will love it because this is one of the best romatic movies!!! This is something  I will be watching theese days!

Love actually
Great movie, all the famos British actors are in it. It is fun, romantic and funny!

Family stone
What happens when family gets together for Christmas...that is what is this movie about...add to that all the great actorss...and what you get is a great movie!


In days before Christmas what ever I am doing and where ever I am I like listening Christmas songs, that makes everthing better!
Here are 3 of them:

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