Saturday, December 10, 2016

Empty #32

L'Oreal Elseve Color Vive shampoo - this is large version of my usual shampoo which I'm using regularly for years. Great product, I can't even count how many bottles I used up trough the years. 

Shower gels: Bebe Early Bird, Aveo Mandelmilch and Blea Abenteuer-lust - three shower gels that I really like and three brands I'm using regularly. Only reason why I don't repeat scents is because there is always something  new to try, so I always buy something I didn't tried yet. 

Aveo Sensitiv hand soap - another regular in my empties, however I think this is the first time I tried this scent which is very nice.

Dove Original deo spray - It looks like I'm all about products I go back to this time because here I have yet another empty Dove which is my all time favorite deodorant.

Aveo nail polish remover - Now this a product that is in my empties for the first time ever. For some reason it took me years to try Aveo nail polish remover but now I seriously doubt I will buy any other remover ever again. The best remover ever! And the cheapest! 

Balea Melon Tango body lotion - one of Balea limited edition body lotions and one of many in my stash. Since my stash is going away very slowly I used up this lotion for my hands and legs. I kept it around in my living room and used instead of hand cream. I used it up quickly and now this is my new way of getting rid of too many body lotions. Before I was using one at the time for my body but at this paste I will have them forever. When it comes to Melon Tango I have to say that I didn't like the scent. Way too sweet...interesting thing is that I had shower gel in same scent and I liked it, but the lotion was too much for me. Few times I used it for my body I hated it so it was better for me to use it just for hands and sometimes for my legs.

Catrice Steel My Heart -  really beautiful and interesting color. I'm sad it's gone but I believe I will find comfort in my huge nail polish stash.

Essence top coat - very good, quick drying top coat. Also very popular. I will probably buy Essence top coat once again.

Ebelin cotton pads - great product to finish post with so many products I'm using for a very long time. These cotton pads are definitely among my favorite products ever. 

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