Friday, October 7, 2016

Empty #31

BaleaYoung Sweet Wonderland shower gel - somehow I had this in my empties even though I used it up long time ago. I remember I liked this chocolate scented product. This was limited edition and unfortunately Balea is not coming out with these any more.

Aveo Happy Melon shower gel - yet another Aveo shower gel in my empties, this one is nice and fruity.

Treacle Moon Lovely Mint Story and The Raspberry Kiss shower creams  - the fact that Treacle Moo n shower creams are in every single empty post shows how much I love them. Here I have one full size and mini size bottle. Lovely Mint Story is one that didn't impressed me. I don't like the is too, well - minty. This is my least favorite from all scents I tried. On the other hand The Raspberry Kiss is very nice.

Bettina Barty - Cocos & Limette bath and shower gel - I love this. Good quality shower gel and amazing scent.  I will repurchase this one.

Sun Dance sun protect cream SPF 50 - this is mostly used up by  my daughter but I also used it few times and it protects skin very good. With this I'm not afraid of sunburns for me or my kid.

Essence Urban Massages lipstick - this was one of my favorite casual, day lipsticks. Peachy glow was pretty every day look and on my lips it felt like lip balm. I don't use up lipstick very often but when I do you know I loved it.

p2 Sheer Glam Fame lipstick - another lipstick today. At one point this was my absolute favorite, I had it on my lips every single day. Lately, I was wearing it time to time. I got tired of it little bit but it is still very pretty every day color.

Look By Bipa face brush - I have this brush few years and I used it a lot. I applied blush with it and it was very good. Recently handler got broken and even though I can still use a brush I have so many in my stash that I can easily say goodbye to it. 

What is in your empties?

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