Saturday, September 6, 2014

New in - July and August 2014

In July I was mostly at home so I didn't buy a lot of products. In August I did some shopping but not as usual as well. I don't have a lot but let's look at the products I did buy. Whenever I go to DM I look at Balea products so I picked up one shower gel and two body lotions. I still have pretty big stash of shower gels and body lotions but what can I do when I can't resist lovely bottles and nice smell. Next photo is my first buy back in July. I got my usual Loreal Color Glanz shampoo and Biobaza Mama balm which is great. I bought it in DM.

I got few nail polishes. First one was a freebie with Gloria Glam magazine. It is Catrice Papa Don't Peach. Nice orange cream but I have few similar colors in my stash. 

When I went to Muller Essence and Catrice were on sale so I got three nail polishes: Catrice Purple Reign, Catrice Walk The Line and Essence Hey Mister Sandman!

Here is the swatch of Catrice Purple Reign and Walk The Lime, both with two coats.

I put my hands on another Essence discontinued product. Wear Berries is gorgeous lipstick color and I really don't see way is this among discontinued because it was one of their popular products.

I also got one product from my wishlist :) Angels On Bare Skin is face scrub and so far I really love it. I believe I will post my review soon. I also got a sample of Lush Brazened Honey fresh face mask. Another amazing product I definitely want full size.

Last two products are Loreal Casting Creme Gloss hair color in 535 Chocolate. I've been using this hair color for years and I've been more then happy with it!

Did you tried any of these products?

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