Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Based on Nicholas Sparks novel

My favorite romantic movie is The notebook! Before I've seen it, I've heard about it few times but I didn't know much about it... I just decided to watch it.  Honestly I expected just another chick flick...nothing better then any other romantic movie...and just way to kill 2 hours when I was bored...but then surprise! I was amazed with the story, with actors, with characters...perfect romantic movie in my opinion!  Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosilng became one of my favorite on screen couples...

After I've seen The notebook I noticed that it is a movie based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks and I decided to find out little bit more about him! What I found out was that he is an author of few other novels that a later became movies and Notebook is just one of them ( but still my favorite!!) 

Lest's see some of the other movies:

The last song

I love this first I didn't wanted to watch it mostly because leading actress Miley Cirus is not of my favorites but I did anyway and I like it a lot.

Dear John

Amanda Sayfried and Channing Tatum are great in this movie! Love them!

Letters to Juliet

Another movie with Amanda Sayfried in lead role, story about love in beautiful Verona...I was there few years ago and that made everything even better.

Walk to remember

Beautiful and sad story with Mandy Moore and Shane West.

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  1. Oh my God:) Thank you for sharing this, I love the Notebook too! And as I checked it online, the local library has a copy of the original novel. Yaaay:3


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