Sunday, August 8, 2010

Essence cosmetic

One of my favorite cosmetics brands is Essence. What I love the most about them  is their TREND EDITION.  From august to september there will be two trend editions "We saw it first" and "Denim wanted".

WE SAW IT FIRST will be giving an exclusive foretaste of the trendy new products in the essence range come fall 2010. the selected products, from eyeshadow, to nail varnish and powder, all the way to fabulous accessories, are superbly tuned to the new essence products coming out this fall. the autumn shades conjure up the fashionable late-summer look – fresh from the catwalks of major fashion metropolises.

I am looking forward to Denim wanted editon, especially to black nail polish wich has silver glitter in it and pink lip gloss. I also love packing, I relly like it!!

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