Thursday, April 14, 2011

Essence Whoom! Boooom! LE review

I finally put my hands on Essence LE Whoom! Boooom! At first I only wanted nail polishes and nail stickers...but as usual I end up buying two products more: lip gloss and mini files.

Lets start with nail polishes! I bought Roy's red which is a beautiful pink polish, before this collection came into stores I thought that it will be red. That is probably because of name Roy's red, but's definitely pink as you can see on picture below. The second polish is orange Andy you're a star. I love this shade of orange...warm and beautiful. What I find VERY interesting about this one is that I don't have anything similar to this shade of orange!



Nail stickers are called Hey Ya! I really love them, mostly because in a long time all nail stickers that I saw were flowers, butterflies or is great to have something like this for a change! They will look great with Andy, you're a star polish and I think that you can make cool nail art with them and I will probably try something very soon :)

Now this is a product that I didn't wanted at first, but then I changed my mind. Probably because in your mini files box called Pow Wow you have eight files!!! They are small, you can put them anywhere you want and they look so cute...and if you lose one or two you still have six or seven left :)

Lip gloss that I pick is Muse Marilyn. This is a changing color lip gloss, I had one few years ago. I think it was Avon Color Trend and I wasn't that interested in this one but of course I got curious and decided to buy it. It turns from blue to pink...once it was pretty soft pink and other times it was dark pink. What is great is that is really long lasting, it loses it's "gloss" as any other lip gloss but the color still stays on your lips and it dosen't come off easy. What I don't like is the packing, it reminds me on glue tube...I'm used that Essence has cool packing and I think this is a first one in long time that I don't like...all the others from this collection are pretty as usual.

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